October 7, 2019 Cari Saiki-Dela Cruz

A Quick Intro to the Pomodoro Technique


Do you ever find your mind wandering during work or switching tasks before you’ve completed what you’re currently doing? There’s always so much to do!

The Pomodoro technique, created by Fracnesco Cirillo, is a time blocking method that helps you stay focused and productive by breaking your work up into short sprints interspersed with quick breaks to keep your mind fresh.  It’s also useful for tracking how much time different tasks take.

Fun Fact: Pomodoro means “tomato” in Italian. It refers to the tomato timer Cirillo used to create this technique in the 1990s.


  1. Select the task you want to work on. (Or break up a larger project into smaller items and pick from that list.)
  2. Next, set a timer for 25 minutes and work on your chosen task until the timer expires.
  3. Take a 5 minute break. This completes 1 pomodoro.
  4. After 4 pomodoros, take a longer break (10-30 minutes).

Don’t be afraid to set a working time interval and break interval that suits your needs. I find 25 minutes to be too short because it takes a little longer for me to settle into a task. So, I use 50-minute work intervals with 10-minute breaks and don’t usually need longer breaks. When my focus wanes, having a finish line defined by the timer really helps me stay on task. But If I’m in a deep flow, I ignore the timer entirely.

This technique doesn’t work for everyone; especially if your day is broken up by a lot of meetings, calls, and other obligations. But it can help you get back on track if you’re distracted, and it’s great for breaking down large projects into more manageable bits.

If it’s something you want to try, but it doesn’t quite fit your working rhythm, make it work for you: adjust the pomodoro intervals, pause (instead of cancel) a session if you’re interrupted, schedule a couple of sessions a day (rather than an entire day). These are just a few examples, there are a lot of ways to adapt this method to your schedule.

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For more information about the Pomodoro Technique, check out the original website.

WEB APPS (timers): TomatoTimer + Tomato Timers + Marinara Timer

MOBILE APPS (free/freemium):  Focus To-Do (iOS/Android) + Fauna (iOS) + Be Focused (iOS) + Tomato Timer (iOS)

MOBILE APPS (paid): Focus Keeper (iOS) + Forest (iOS/Android) + Bear Focus Timer (iOS/Android)

What do you think of the Pomodoro technique? Does it work for you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or on Instagram!

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