July 8, 2022 Cari Saiki-Dela Cruz

Summer Design Ideas

For Your Planners

Published: July 8, 2022

Summer is here and with it come looser schedules, hotter + longer days, and time spent outside. There’s usually less task tracking and more time managing, which often means busier calendars but emptier planners. So here are a few themes, color schemes, and ideas to fill your weekly and daily spreads with summer vibes.

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Dark Tan: #D3C5B0
Light Tan: #F6F0E7
Light Blue: #A6D2D9
Blue: #72A4B5


Light Blue: #5BBDBF
Medium Blue: #205E71
Dark Blue: #27355A
Orange: #CB9961
Red: #C67B7B

Design Idea

Use the highlighter or shape tool in your digital planning app to add faint washes of blue to suggest cooling water or bubbles.

Design Idea

Add photos and use it for color inspiration. Pick your favorite colors from a photo and use them for fonts, handwriting, and highlights.

You can also use daily pages as a photo journal when you don’t have a long to do list. Use timetables to capture fun moments and note sections to jot down quick memories.

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P.S. Don’t forget to use reef safe sunscreen when you go out!


Summer is full of fun foods and flavors. Some straight from the garden like fresh watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, and crisp salad greens. Others straight from the freezer: ice pops, ice cream, shave ice. And who can forget BBQs with burgers, hotdogs, ribs and more!


Green: #53DE34
Blue: #15BEDB
Purple: #B81EEE
Orange: #FD881E
Red: #E9271E

Design Ideas
  • Use dessert inspired bright colors as pen and highlighter colors in your digital notebooks.
  • Use sticky note inserts to list your favorite summer foods and recipes.
  • Find digital stickers (like the freebies below) of your favorite summer foods to add.

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