November 5, 2020 Cari Saiki-Dela Cruz

8 Reasons to Try Digital Planning

Published: November 5, 2020

Updated: November 2021

I love using paper planners. For me, nothing beats the feel of putting pen or pencil to paper. But over the last year I’ve been using a digital planner more and more. I still use paper to plan sometimes, but much less than before. If you’re considering digital planning, here are 8 reasons to give it a try.
There’s also a free November + December 2021 digital planner for you to try at the end of this post!


With apps like GoodNotes 5 and Notabilty, you can plan on an iPad and access or annotate it on an iPhone to reference while you’re away from home. iPads are also easy to carry around, so you might bring that with you instead. I love doing some planning while sipping coffee in a little café, especially during cozy weather.


Digital planners create much less paper waste and doesn’t require a lot of supplies (like stickers, stamps, and binders), which results in fewer things to store or throw away.

*While there are debates on e-waste, an iPad isn’t normally just a planner or notebook. It has many other functions that help to offset it’s eco footprint.

Like I pointed out at the end of this post, the jury is still out on whether or not digital planning is more eco-friendly. It’s more complicated than I realized.

Digital planning saves paper but consumes energy and creates e-waste. And while iPads and tablets have many uses, paper is a more renewable resource than most of the materials used to create them.

If you’re interested in learning more check out this article.

However, digital planning does help to cut down on physical clutter. Traditional planners and the supplies used in them (like stickers, pens, washi tapes, and stamps) can take up a lot of space. With digital planning they’re all stored and easily accessed on a hard drive or the cloud. It also makes it easier to keep old planners when you’re done with them for future reference.


Digital planners are nearly endlessly customizable. You can change pen colors, type/handwrite text of any size, and add as many stickers as you want. No two planners look the same. Also, digital stickers never run out!


You can duplicate and move pages around to customize your planner even more. A lot of digital planners have additional pages that function like planner inserts. You can add a budget or habit tracker to the beginning of every month, blank pages for notes between days, goal or project planners as you need, the list goes on.


I used to hesitate when starting a new paper planner because what would happen if I made a mistake or plans changed? Its no fun looking at scratched out words and eraser marks. With digital planning you can undo or erase mistakes. You can also move, copy, and paste text and stickers as plans inevitably change.


Apps like GoodNotes 5 and Notabiliy can also search your handwriting for specific words and phrases so it’s easier to find past events, appointments, and notes.


You don’t have to worry about losing your planner with cloud backups. You can also save digital planners and notebooks as PDFs when you’re done with them so you can look back through them whenever you want.


There are so many great options for digital planners. I have several in my Etsy shop. You’re sure to find one that fits your needs!

The most important thing when it comes to planning is finding a process that works for you. For some that’ll mean using all digital planners, for others all paper, and for some yet it’ll be a combination.


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These planners, with hyperlinked dates, are mini versions of the 2022 Digital Planner – Classic Weekly that’s available in the EnvizArt Etsy Shop.

2021 November + December – Classic Weekly – Monday Start

2021 November + December – Classic Weekly – Sunday Start

To download these files click on the link. (The files are shared via Dropbox, you do not need an account to download them.)

If you’re on an iPad with the Dropbox app installed, the app will open and display the planner. Tap on the 3 dots in top right corner and select “Save to my Dropbox.”

If you’re on a computer (or an iPad WITHOUT the Dropbox app), Dropbox will open in your default internet browser (i.e. Safari, Firefox, etc.). Tap on the arrow that’s pointing down towards a line and select “Direct Download.” The file will save to your Downloads folder (or the folder you have selected for downloads if you’ve changed the default) on your computer.

If you need more help downloading and installing check out our tutorials page.

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